Saturday, May 24, 2008

Family Time

Jake's parents bought a new home in Lehi and the whole family stayed there for the weekend..Memorial Weekend. Today we had family pictures. I found out but didn't realize that this reunion was the first time in 7 years that everyone was here together. There were times when two of the boys were on missions, Ned and Kerstin were living too far away (Connecticut) so now everyone was here.

Ned building a card pyramid after a traditional game of hearts of about 14 people

Ned and daughter Tatum

Kerstin and daughter Tatum

Matt (Jake's other younger brother) and Carson (Ned & Kerstin's son)

Tatum and Carson

We later went to a place called Thanksgiving Point where we walked around, looked at a dinosaur museum, saw small "hidden" waterfalls, and the little kids went to a petting zoo.

Hidden Falls

Jake in the Hidden Falls Gazebo

Jake and I later were looking around his parent's house for a place to go hiking since there were so many large hills right next door. Unfortunately, there were all kinds of signs saying no trespassing/hiking/bike riding, etc. While driving around we found this little place on top of one hill that people flew their model planes and where people actually rode in their own. I don't remember what it's called. I want to say paragliding but with motors and parachutes. It was a very windy day so all we saw were the model airplanes. They didn't even have to use motors because the wind was so strong.

This is the hill overlooking the many houses, I think my in-laws are down there somewhere

We had a lot of fun and were sad that it was such a short weekend. Work comes all to fast for Jake on Tuesday.

Flying High

I accidently deleted the video from the last blog so this is by itself. You can hear how windy it was.

Friday, May 23, 2008


We picked a GREAT weekend to travel to Utah. It was raining in Arizona on Thursday and Friday. We left Friday EARLY morning around 3am and got to Cedar City, Utah around 2pm to gas up before we arrived in Lehi where Jake's parents live. Well.....this is what we encountered...a very wet snow/slush. I think they call it sleet. I LOVED IT. Who would have thought snow at the end of May. What a weather change!! We even reached over 100 degrees in Arizona the other day, but Thursday on the last day of school it poured a minute before I let the kids out at noon. It even hailed!! All I can say is.....WOW!!


We left Arizona on Friday at 3am to go to Utah for Jake's brother's homecoming from a 2 year mission for our church. He went to Sacramento, California Spanish speaking. We almost always travel through the Hoover Dam to Utah. Well, Jake has blood relatives (grandma, aunts and uncles) who live on some property in Mesquite, Arizona. They were actually having a sort of sibling reunion so we stopped by to see everyone on our way.
Here's a few aunts and uncles on Jake's mom's side

Jake and his Grandma (isn't she so cute)

Three generations (Jake, Grandma, Mom)
Jake looks a lot like his Mom

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You Are Cinderella!

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