Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Catching Up

Ok, so I've been HORRIBLE about updating this blog lately. I guess motherhood keeps me busy among my other callings in life. Updates on the family....Jake is still working as a Network Administrator, hates the commute but it pays the bills. He's redoing our sprinkler system in the backyard before it gets too hot in the Arizona summer. He just got a new calling in church as the 13 year old Sunday School teacher. I, Alisa, am in my 13th year of teaching. This is my 7th year teaching 2nd grade, but am excited to be moving to 1st grade next year. Looking forward to a challenge. I have two new callings in our ward, well one is just an "assignment" which is to be on the Girls' Camp Committee, and my official one is Cub Scout Committee Chair. It's quite funny because when I got released as Primary Secretary I said I would never accept a calling in YW or Scouts, well after several months of having no calling look at me now. I'm actually excited for some change in my life. Zowie is just growing sooooo fast. Just recently Jake and I were talking about how much her vocabulary has increased and how much of a talker she has become. She has made leaps and bounds since she has become a part of our forever family. We love her so much! She wants a baby brother or sister so much and prays daily for them, without our mentioning it. I asked her one day if she asked Heavenly Father when her new baby brother or sister was coming. She said, "Yes, he said "Behold, be patient."" She loves having the missionaries over for dinner, loves loves loves her chickens, and loves singing primary songs. She says that one day she's going to marry Peter Pan, in the temple. She says the cutest things.

We got some new baby chicks born on March 17, 2011. We got 9, crazy I know, but so fun. 3 New Hampshire Red, 3 Barred Rocks, and 3 Buff Orpingtons, all brown egg layers. We'll be extending our current coop where 2 full grown hens live right now to make room for more.

Zowie's first sport other than dance. She had a short 7 week soccer season, but she learned a lot. She really came a long way from a stander and starer to a runner and trying to get the ball. She was sad when it was over, so we'll be signing her up again in the Fall.
Zowie kicking the ball

For Zowie's 5th birthday, I made 2 cupcake cakes. I started running out of time and had to finish them pretty quick, so they aren't as good as I wanted them to be. This one is a flower with skittles and licorice.

This one was suppose to be a turtle, but couldn't make the shell the way I wanted to because of time so used skittles instead.