Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Mexico

Jake and I went on a nice long trip. We started it out by visiting my sister in New Mexico for the weekend. We had lots of fun! Saturday morning I made my niece and nephew, Grant and Zoe, Mickey Mouse pancakes with chocolate chips making the face. The chocolate got all over Zoe's cute face.

We went swimming
Grant and Jake spraying eachother with water guns

Zoe helping me stir the chocolate chip cookie dough

Grant wanted to help too

Then we played Rockband a lot

It was a sad day when we had to leave

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No Salmonella on these babies

MMMMMmmmmmm!!! Yummmmmmyyyyyy!!! Yup, these puppies are from our garden. I'm glad I won't have to worry about salmonella this year. I picked all of these just today. We have another two bags with about the same amount in each in the fridge. I'm gonna have to can them for food storage or something. Our tomatoes just took off this year and are still running. Last year....not so good. Our zuchinni is awful this year but last year was awesome. I guess they decided to switch this year. Hmmm....what will happen next year???

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!


We have been married for 9 glorious years!! time flies when you're having fun. I can't imagine my life without Jake. I consider him my best friend! I love you honey.

We got engaged on October 30, 1998...after a month of knowing eachother

Married in the Mesa, Arizona temple June 19, 1999

May 2008

Here's the beautiful flowers Jake got me

the flower pedals are backwards, weird but cool

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Here's the shells and sand dollars Jake & I collected in Mexico. I rinsed them and put them out to dry in the backyard.

huge and thick sand dollars and some small thin ones too

Yes, that's a seahorse. He was washed up on the beach attached to some seaweed. We just had to keep him. (He was STINKY when we got home-PEEEEEEYEWWWW)

He's pretty big

Monday, June 16, 2008


This past weekend we went to our friend's parent's beach house (Casa Potterf) near Rocky Point. Our party consisted of the Potterf and their 4 cute daughters, Adam and Ashley Levine, and Jake and I. We had a blast!! We relaxed, went to the beach, bargain shopped, played games (SCUM), and watched movies. It was really nice because it was on a private beach. Jake and I went out almost every morning while the tide was out (about 5am) and picked up huge shells, coral and sand dollars. We even found a dead seahorse (which I kept), a dead jellyfish, and many sea cucumbers.
I'm standing on the balcony looking out at the beach

A closer look

Jake and Krista relaxing on the sofas

Krista, Brianna and Deandra playing with a new birthday toy that Brianna got

The 4 Potterf girls

The youngest Potterf, Amanda

Jake taking a snooze

We went to a sort of petting zoo with ocean life

Pretty seahorses

Creepy eels

Big Puffer fish

Brianna holding a starfish

Ashley Levine and Deandra looking at a sea turtle

I loved petting the sea turtles

Jake, Krista and Brianna

A huge Sea Lion in a small tank

Jake next to some whale bones

One early evening we saw something not moving out in the water right in front of our beach and not far from the shore. It looked like a dolphin at first and then we thought it may be a sea turtle upside down. The guys went out to investigate. Jake even went out fully clothed in the ocean chest deep to get a closer look. It turned out to be a sea lion sunbathing. It stayed in one place for the longest time. We weren't sure if it was sick and would die and wash up on the beach, but we never saw it again. Weird but cool.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Jake and I decided that it was time to fulfill a long time desire of ours. We wanted to do this for.....I don't know how long and decided to do before we adopt any kids. Can you believe that we went SKYDIVING!!!!!!! Well you better because we got pictures and video to prove it! It was a blast, although I think Jake had way more fun than I did. Since it was our first time, we had to go tandem. Each of our instructors who we were strapped to, video taped us. I captured still pictures from the videos they took.
Here we are in our tandem straps before we get on the plane

This is our little plane

Here we are in the plane

This warning is on the chute, "I want to get off!!!"

My instructor, Tom, is behind me reminding me what I need to do

Oh Boy!! This is it, I'm first (Jake thought I'd chicken out if I went 2nd)

Jake watching Tom & me jump out

Can you hear me scream? (Hey, is he trying to nibble my ear?)

This is called the free fall. It only lasts about 45 seconds, I couldn't even hear myself scream. We fall at about 125 mph, but it doesn't even feel like your falling.

Great shot of the airplane we jumped from

Time to pull the chute, hey we did good

Nice view, hey look, there's my parachute

Awwww, we had a nice soft landing, thank goodness, Yea!!! I lived!!!!

I felt like doing this as we were coming down to land, he was twirling back and forth which didn't make my tummy feel too good, but I got over it without puking

Jake's turn, he actually went a little after I jumped

Look at how the wind wiggles our faces

Jake's free fall with Geoff, his instructor

Don't you just love those funny faces

Aww, back to normal now that he pulled the parachute

Hey, I think I see Alisa

Hello everyone

My video caught Jake landing

"I had a blast"

Hello, we made it everybody!!!
Geoff let me come take pictures of the plane with my camera, I was sitting in the pilot's seat

Well....we had lots of fun!!! Will we do it again??? Maybe. If it wasn't so expensive, I would do it again in a heartbeat. For our first time and taking the two videos, it set us back about $515.00 total. He said that we could come back at a discount, only $150 a person and we could pull the chute thing ourselves and maybe steer a little too. We'll have to think about it. For now...I need to catch my breath.