Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

HOLY MOLY!!!! SORRY....SORRY....SORRY!!! I've been so bad lately with updating out blog. For good reason, I guess. I've been extremely busy with church/primary secretary stuff...getting ready for the new year, school stuff and just life in general. So here's ONE post on a bunch of past stuff and I just realized that I posted the pictures in backwards order, oh well...you get the idea.

So here we go.....Black Friday.....Jake stood in line at Sears and got this smokin' deal on front loader washer and dryer for only $600 total for both. I've been wanting these for awhile now and since our washer decided to leak water, we broke down and got these. I stood in line at Wal-mart and got a few movies. I was hoping to get a few Wii games but they were all gone. We also go a Wii for our Christmas. We are not buying anything else for eachother.

Another beautiful sunset in Arizona.

My school had a Christmas Party at a fellow teacher's house. It was a lot of fun. The principal and his wife were the Claus'.

Last Christmas I got Jake this remote control airplane that he had to build from scratch. Well....a year later, thanks Tanner for bugging him about it, he finally got it put together.

Here's his first attempt at flying it.....He got it up in the air for a whole 10 seconds and then dive bombed it and broke the propeller. Thank heavens their cheap. We'll try again soon. He wants to be in a more open area so he can practice the controls and not dive bomb again, or get it stuck on top of someone's house. Can you see it? I circled it.

On Monday, my first day off of school, I had my neighbor girls over for a fun girlie night/sleepover. I only had the two older girls sleepover, but all four of the Potterf girls over for games, movie and dinner. They love the barbies while watching Kung Fu Panda.

Amanda with the barbie brushes.

After they went home, I told Krista and Brianna that I would play with their hair and try some cute hairstyles. They were all for that. While Brianna played Wii with Jake, I did Krista's hair. Here's the before.....


After.....she loved it!!! It was fun.

Jake went to bed...Krista's turn to play the Wii while I work on Brianna.

Brianna's turn....before.......


After.....she was scared that I would burn her with the curling iron. I told her that if she stood very still that I wouldn't burn her. She was a perfect statue.

Another after....
We had a fun time!! Went to bed at 11:30pm and got up around 7:30am. We got a visit from their younger sisters..."to say good morning" without mom knowing they left to visit us. They just live a few houses down, don't worry. The best part......they loved playing with my hair and I equally loved it, minus the occasional owies from pulling hairs and hard brushing. They got better thank goodness.

Ok, I'm caught up!! I'll try to do better but no guarantees ;)