Sunday, April 19, 2009

Interests and Hobbies

We enjoy doing lots of things as long as it is together as a family. When the weather is cool, we love hiking and dirtbike riding. When it's hot, we escape to the mountains to go camping, more hiking, and fishing. When we can, we like including our friends and family members in these activities. We also enjoy getting together with friends and having game nights or movie nights.


Jake getting the lantern ready before it gets too dark

Alisa cooking the hotdogs on the campfire

Jake with his dirtbike

Alisa showing her dirtbike off at a school event (she's a teacher there)

Jake and his model airplane

Jake and his brother Kyle not afraid to get their hands dirty. He loves it when he comes over to help him. Jake loves diesel vehicles and doesn't mind fixing things to save money.

We love traveling the world. We were having fun creating silly pictures while visiting Stonehenge in England.

Jake is trying to keep Stonehenge from falling.

Another interest we have is gardening. Jake planted these sunflowers which grew taller than him. We also have another area in our backyard dedicated to veggies and fruit.

Other interests and hobbies:
Jake likes working with computers and playing games with friends and Alisa on them, it's called LAN gaming. He likes reading and listening to audio books. He enjoys the history and discovery channel.

Alisa loves to cook and bake. She also loves reading and watching movies. She enjoys getting together with her girlfriends and making cards or having a girl's night playing Rockband!