Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Zowie goes back to school sooooo early. It's still July!!!! Oh well, next year, she'll be on the same schedule as me. My baby will be in kindergarten next year.

My nephew Grant stayed with us for a little while

Zowie with her teacher Mrs. Albert, and 2 aides Mrs. Angel and Miss Mary

Zowie and her preschool teacher, Mrs. Albert

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Church History Roadtrip

Prepare for a long post.....We took a 2 week roadtrip visiting my 2 sisters and visiting our church's history sites. It was a lot of fun.

Zowie and Zoe (cousins that are a month a part) playing together during Grant's baseball game

eating pickles, Zowie didn't like them

Grant at bat

The spiral staircase at Loredo Chapel in New Mexico

MAJOR hailstorm in New Mexico, had to pull over

looks like snow

my sleeping baby

Saw many huge blades to a windmill being transported on the freeway

Winter Quarters temple in Nebraska

Winter Quarters temple

My little pioneer

Zowie holding a handcart

Kansville Tabernacle

Liberty Jail

Soooooo much corn in many, many states

Jake and Zowie in Far West, Missouri (where the four cornerstones to a temple are)

A mill stone from Hauns Mill


Mississippi or Missouri River, I forget (we crossed both a few times)

Sears Tower in Chicago (don't want to ever go back there again, crazy traffic)

Chicago Temple

My new niece, Avery. In Michigan visiting my sister Crystal

My cute nephew Rosswell

My other cute nephew Elliott

And another cute nephew, Donovan

Having fun

We all went to one of the lakes, I think it was Lake Michigan, but not sure

Zowie the mermaid, I did each child into something different

Detroit, Michigan Temple

Kirtland, Ohio Temple (not owned by our church, The Community of Christ still owns it)

The Johnson Farm, those steps by the door are the steps where Joseph Smith preached the next day after being taken away during the night and being tarred and feathered


Avery's blessing dress, my mom made it

4th of July in the backyard

light sticks

Carthage Jail, see the bullet hole? This is where the bullet went through Hyrum Smith

The the same bedroom, this is the window that Joseph Smith fell out of after being shot, he fell to his death

standing next to Joseph and Hyrum at Carthage Jail

Outside Carthage Jail, the 2nd story window is the one Joseph fell out of

Nauvoo, Illinois Temple

In Nauvoo

Gravestones of Joseph, Hyrum and Emma Smith

St. Louis, Missouri Temple

Dodge City (Get the heck out of Dodge!)

Albuquerque, New Mexico Temple

Albuquerque, New Mexico Temple