Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here's some pics of Thanksgiving at my parents' house. It was great to see my sister Crystal, her husband, Dan and their two boys, Donovan and Elliott. I had fun playing with them.

Dono had fun knocking down my block towers. Elliott did too, he would laugh so hard when it fell.

Elliott and Dono looking up at an airplane

Here's everyone feeding their faces with yummy food

Dono playing with the tractor

Dono and me playing ball

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finally......the pictures are in.....

Ok Folks.....I finally got the pictures in.....sorry it took so long.

Hat Day (got the hat from Disneyland, can you tell)

Here's some of my students and me dressed for the 80's (brings back memories) I even crimped my hair

Sports Day (Here's where I drove my dirtbike onto the playground)

I had my thumbs down when they guessed the wrong teacher

"Who am I?"

Can I take my helmet off yet?

Tadaaa (with my lovely eyes closed)

It's Mrs. James!! (eyes closed again, grrr)

Here's my class and me

Here's the love of my life (This day wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the help of my honey. Thanks babe!!)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Sport's Day through the Eyes of my 2nd Graders

I took a picture of some of the drawings my students made for me on Sport's Day. They are so thoughtful and sooo cute!! In the morning the whole school had flag ceremony. The PE teacher had all the teachers go into a classroom during flag. He then proceeded to pump the kids up by telling them that there was a teacher who was a Motorcross Champion (which I'm totally not). He then called me on the walkie-talkie and I came out to the playground riding my dirtbike. I turned it off and stood by my bike waving to all the kids. I had my whole gear on, helmet, mask, boots and all. They couldn't tell it was me. Cory, the PE teacher, asked the kids if they thought I was Mr. Jones, and they all screamed yes. So he turned around to me and asked if I was Mr. Jones. I put my thumbs up and then kept going till they turned down. Mr. Jones then walked out of the room to the playground. Cory went through all the teachers the same way. Finally he turned to me and said, "Who are you?" I then took my helmet off and the whole school cheered. It was so awesome!!!! When the kids all started going back to their classrooms, my class stood by me and my dirtbike and got a picture. I think they really loved it that the teacher who rode the dirtbike was their very own Mrs. James. I have to give a huge thank you to my husband Jake. He helped me by getting my bike warmed up for me and then he rode the bike back so I could take my class to the classroom. He told me later that when he was following my class, he popped a wheely. I love him soooo much!!! Enjoy these drawings like I did!!!

This little girl, Lauren, asked me what the number on my bike was. I told her I didn't have one on it, but that my favorite number was 13. So cute!

When my class took a picture with me and my bike, instead of saying cheese, the teacher taking the pictures had them say "Mrs. James Rocks"! (My bike is really yellow, oh well.) It's also funny because my hair was really flipped out like that.

I love teaching!! It's so rewarding in little and big ways. When I get a copy of the real pictures, I'll definitely post them. For now, you'll have to use your imagination.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

7 Random Facts

Thanks Christie for tagging me. Here goes......I hope I can think of 7 random facts about me


#1 - I have my very own dirtbike, a Suzuki DRZ 125, it's small enough for me to ride and be able to straddle and not fall over from it being so tall. I have the whole gear, and go riding with my husband. I actually want to sell it and get a quad. I think I'll feel more stable.

#2 - I love to travel when we have the time and money. The foreign places I've been to are: Mexico, Cozumel, Jamaica, Grande Cayman Islands, and Chile. The places that I REALLY want to visit are: Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia and Egypt.

#3 - Jake and I met on a blind date. He actually was dating a girl I knew who lived down the street from me. She wanted to go away to school and didn't want to be dating while going to school. This girl's mother actually called me and said that she knew this nice guy that dated her daughter and then asked my permission if she could give him my phone number. She also said that she just had this feeling about the both of us and that's why she called. I said yes, and then Jake called me about a week later. We talked on the phone and he sounded really nice. We went out on our first date (sometime in September) and he was worried that I would have a problem with our age difference, he's 7 years older than me. I told him that it didn't matter to me. We went on a few more dates and then about a month after we met, we got engaged, October 30, 1998. Because it was my 1st year teaching, I wanted to get married during summer vacation. We were then married in the Mesa, Arizona Temple on June 19, 1999.

#4 - Jake and I are trying to adopt. We tried to have children naturally for 7 years, but with my fertility problems and recent surgery it's now impossible. So....if you know of anyone who is having a baby and can't or doesn't want to keep it, please, please, please refer them to us or LDS Family Services. The phone number to LDS Family Services is 1-480-968-2995 or they can go to the website to search out adoptive couples,12268,2133-1,00.html

or just go to our personal profile named jacobandalisa,12272,2133-1-8409-1-1,00.html

Just so you know, the birth parents can live anywhere in the 50 US states. It doesn't just have to be Arizona. Please spread the word so our chances of having a family are increased.

#5 - I enjoy gardening and eating the "fruits and veggies" of my labor. We have a good size garden. Jake and I plant in the fall for our winter crop and then again in the early spring for our summer crop. Our best of the best is the zucchini in the summer and our carrots in the winter, which aren't usually big enough to pick until spring. It's funny that I'm pretty good at keeping those fruits and veggies alive, yet when I get plants from students or family, they usually end up dead within a few months. So sorry.

#6 - I love watching movies! We haven't been out to one in awhile but I love watching them. In fact there are a few old ones that I love and could watch over and over and over. My classic favorites are Goonies (which I could repeat almost word for word), The Parent Trap (with Halley Mills), The Abyss (with my good looking Ed Harris), and Mary Poppins (another one I can almost repeat word for word and sing). I love musicals like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The King and I, South Pacific, and more. I enjoy movies so much that I'm pretty good at telling you actors and actresses that are in certain movies. We have a Scene-It game that I just love because it's just up my alley with movie stuff.

#7 - I can't really think of anything else right off hand. Just something that proves it is a small world. I use to go to the church country dances when I was in Community College. Come to find out, Jake went to those too and at the same time that I did. Once he mentioned that, I swear that I've seen him there and was even asked by him to dance. I never let anyone down so I'm pretty sure I danced with my husband before I even knew him. Weird huh?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sooooo Busy

Oh my goodness.....It feels like forever since I has been forever. Well, my dear sweet husband took the camera with him hunting so I couldn't get any new pictures of what was going on. Unfortunately, Jake never got an elk. Neither did my dad. BUMMER! I was looking forward to some nice elk steaks.

Last week, we had Spirit Week at school. Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was twin day, Wednesday was crazy hat day, Thursday was 80's day, Friday was sports day. I had so much fun dressing up. When I get a copy of the pictures from some ladies at school I'll post them and tell you all about the awesome time I had on Friday- sports day.