Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blessing Day

Now that Zowie is officially adopted, we had her blessed in our church the following Sunday. Usually, they are blessed when they are babies, but obviously we couldn't do that. This is where they are given a name which she'll be know by on the records of our church and a blessing by her father. It was a beautiful blessing. Because she is older, I was able to sit with her on my lap while Jake and some friends and family gave her the blessing. My mom made her blessing dress. It was adorable and just perfect for Zowie.

My mom and Zowie

My dad and Zowie

Our Happy Family
We took this picture after church and Jake already got out of his church clothes.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Adoption Day

Today we went to the court house to officially adopt Zowie. She is now Zowie Elizabeth James!!!! What a nice experience. The judge was amazing!

Getting her hair ready

Our lawyer, caseworker and judge

Jake, Zowie and me

It's official now. Nice judge

My parents and grandma came too.

The judge was so cool. He let her talk into his microphone.

And let her use his gavel.

My parents, grandma, us and judge

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Zowie's 4th Birthday

We had two birthdays for Zowie. A friend one and then a family one. We rented a bouncy house for her and she LOVED it!! We had a "princess/fairy" birthday with her friends. They all dressed up. Some of the parents said that when they drove by, it was funny to see all these little girls in their dress-ups jumping up and down.

Zowie, my Tinkerbelle

Opening up some presents

They decorated their own cupcakes

More bouncy house, woohoo for sugar

I made her "Barbie" cake

More cupcakes for all the family

Opening more presents from family

This is Zowie's family that took care of her before she came to us