Sunday, April 19, 2009


We love getting together with friends for dinner, games, movies, whatever. Here's Alisa singing with some of her girlfriends at our house for a "girls' night" playing Rockband.

We went skydiving for the first time! We decided to do it before we had any kids.  It was exciting, but I don't think we'll do it again. We had to have our instructors piggy-back since we didn't know what we were doing.

Here's Alisa giving her thumbs up! She started feeling a little sick when he was spiraling down. Jake wasn't sure if she would jump so he said that she had to go first. "I would have done it, I wasn't chicken!!"

We went to Mexico with some of our friends. It was really nice! We went to an aquatic zoo of sorts. We got to touch sea turtles, but it was sad that they were in such small areas. We would walk in the early mornings when the tide was out and search for sea shells in the tide pools. We even found a dead sea horse that we dried up and brought home.

At the school that Alisa works at as a 2nd grade teacher, she always volunteers to go in the dunk tank. She loves encouraging the children to dunk her, and then of course spraying them with her squirt gun.

We went on a 3 week trip to Europe just before Zowie came into our lives.  One of the places we traveled to was Sweden, we went on a tour on the roof top of a government building. We got all suited up in our gear so we don't fall off the roof. It was a breath-taking view and loads of fun. We were happy that Alisa's mom could go with us. This picture is of Jake and Alisa's mom, Lori.

Here's Alisa getting her helmet on before going out on the roof.

We were walking down The Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland, when we saw this mime dressed up. He wouldn't move unless you placed money in his container. We placed some money in it, and he grabbed Alisa'a hand pretending to kiss it while her mom took the picture. 

Zowie loves wrestling with her Daddy on the ground.

We have pet chickens in the backyard.  They are so fun and teaches responsibility.  Zowie's job is to make sure they have food everyday and collects the eggs.  We sell the eggs to friends and she gets the money for it.