Monday, January 14, 2008

My Hubby, Jake

Name: Jacob (Jake) Alex James

How long have we been married: 8 years

Who eats more: Not sure, we both love to eat and snack on cheese

Where was our first date: I think we went to eat at The Black-Eyed Pea and then went to the movies and saw The Parent Trap with Lindsey Lohan. I like the Haley Mills version better.

How old is Jake: He's 39

Who said I Love You first: I don't remember, but he told me that I was the girl who cared for him in a dream he had.

Who is taller: Jake at 6' and me at 5'3". I've always liked taller men and Jake's always liked blue-eyed girls.

Who sings better: Ummmm......I think I do, but not by much. Whenever Jake tries to hum a tune for me to guess, I can't tell what it is. Maybe it's just me.

Who is smarter: It depends what it is. In most cases, it's Jake. I have my areas of expertise like movies/actors/actresses.

Who has the worst temper: That would be me. Jake is very laid back. I tend to get uptight about things.

Who does the laundry: I do most of it. Jake helps me fold when I ask or sometimes starts a load when I'm still sleeping.

Who does the dishes: We both do. Jake unloads the dishwasher and I load it.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: When we're laying on the bed, I'm on the right. I'm a stomach sleeper and I mostly lay my face facing the right, and have my left foot hang out of the covers. My feet are my thermometers.

Who mows the lawn: We don't have any grass. At the old house, Jake mowed it all the time.

Who proposed to who: Jake did. We were getting ready to fly to California to be with some of my friends and go to "Knott's Scary Farm". He was supposed to take me out to Arby's, but he drove to the temple and I just knew what was going to happen. I got all nervous. He knelt down and asked me if I would be his "Eternal Sweetheart". I said yes of course. We only knew eachother for about a month. We got married 8 months later.

Who has more siblings: Jake by far. He was adopted. His blood family, he has 9 siblings. His adopted family, he has 5 siblings but the 6th one was also a blood brother. They were adopted together into the James family. I only have 2 sisters.

Who wants more kids: I always wanted 5 and Jake would hold up 4 fingers and say 5. We can't have our own biological children, but hopefully we will be able to adopted a few soon.

My Hubby Brag: Jake is my true love. We have such an awesome relationship that I couldn't imagine it being any better. He's a hard worker and does his best to make me happy. He has a great knowledge in fixing his vehicles and in computers. Jake is very kind and patient. We've gone through some challenges this past year with trying to have children. We hoped it wouldn't have ended the way it did, but we are very optimistic about adoption. He's very supportive in everything I do and I love him all the more for it. I love you babe!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Church Calling

I was a little scared when one of our counselors called and asked to come talk to Jake and I. I just knew it was going to be a new calling. I was actually a little sad to be released as a Relief Society teacher. I was nervous about that calling but grew to love it. I was a teacher for almost a year. And now......I'm back in Primary, but not teaching kids thank goodness (I spend enough time teaching children). I'm now in the Primary Presidency as the Secretary. I'm excited to try something new, but still a little sad to be leaving Relief Society. I was scared it was going to be a Nursery worker again, Heavenly Father knew I wasn't ready for that again.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Biggest Loser Family Contest

Well, today is the day to begin our "Biggest Loser" contest. We have many family members on both sides who are going to participate. If there is anyone who I did not contact and who would like to participate, please call or email me to let me know. We are starting today and going until May 29. To check out the rules click on my new blogspot I set up. It's on the side with my "Friends and Family" called The Biggest Loser Family Contest. The results will be posted weekly on that website. This will hopefully be a fun way to lose some weight!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Famous Jake

A long time ago Jake was interviewed by a guy who has his own talk radio station or something like that. He saw Jake's mercedes with the veggie signs in it and had him pull over to talk to him about it. He later came out to our house and interviewed him about the process Jake goes through to make this work. Anyway, nothing came of it until today when he called to see if Jake would come down and talk to his co-workers about the set-up and mechanics of it. They would even pay him for his time. Evidently, they want to convert their diesel vehicles to this method. There is a website where Jake's interview is recorded. Take a peek at my movie star!!!!