Saturday, April 19, 2008

Boys Weekend

Jake and some friends, Dave Wilkins and Tanner Potterf, went on a hike Friday after work to Fremont Saddle. They went a little farther and set up camp for the night. They then hiked around Weaver's Needle and made a loop around. A total of 12 and 1/2 miles. No snakes!!!! Yea!
Dave getting a good workout

Tanner and Weaver's Needle

Jake all packed up

Dave dying of thirst

Setting up camp

Dave with his mister

Just hangin' out

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Flat Iron

While Jake was out hiking the Flat Iron with his friend Tanner, I thought I would wear my bathing suit to get a little sun while picking our nasty weeds in the backyard. WELL.......about 2 hours or so later I decided to call it quits and come in from the heat. I took a shower and that's when I noticed the burn!!!!! I even felt the grooves where my suit was. It must have been slightly swollen. It didn't hurt that bad until Sunday after church. It was too late to buy some gel stuff to help it. I had to wait until Monday and boy did it kill me. It even hurt to wear a bra. Oh, and the heat that came from it. I actually got several small blisters. It still looks red and it's been 2 weeks already. Here's a picture from Monday when I finally got some pain relieving gel on. Jake now calls me Madame X.

Here's the mountain Jake is going to climb

There's Tanner climbing

Yes, Jake had to climb through this

Up ahead is called the Flat Iron, kinda looks like it too

Here's a video of Jake climbing down

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hiking with Mom

While Jake went out dirtbike riding, I took my mom on the hike Jake and I went on last week. She was a good sport and my protector. This is my last hike until winter. You ask why. For one, it's getting too hot......duh, Arizona. Two, while my mom and I were hiking we had a lovely (more like scare the pants off me) snake cross in front of us on our path. I screamed like a pansy and jumped behind my mom who was originally behind me. The snake was moving across the path and into the bushes. It was a dark brickish red. After we finally passed that area, my mom proceeds to bend over to look at a pretty flower. I said, "Are you kidding more stopping to look at things. We're outta here!!"
Here's mom before the hike

Beautiful cactus flower

We'll be making our way to that pointy mountain to the right

Pretty berries, they look like a type of tomato

Me after the hike

Mom after the hike, she looks tired