Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yesterday I went out and saw my pretty sweet peas growing like crazy and finally some flowers. My grandma inspired me to grow these. She always has beautiful smelling sweet peas in her front yard and I wanted that in my backyard too.

Then I moved to my garden and decided to pull some huge turnips. These are not your usual store bought turnips with the purple tops. These are white and taste sweet, not hot like the purple ones.

two HUGE carrots

some yummy snap peas, I've never grown these before and was pleasantly pleased that they grew and that they produced some peas, can you see them?


Can any of you guess what this HUGE plant is???
WEED, not the smoking kind either, hehe

Monday, February 16, 2009

Two Sisters - One Heart

A few days later and still a few sore leg muscles, we finished the 5K run for the Two Sisters - One Heart Fundraiser. It didn't take us a few days to finish as that first sentence sounded. This was Jake's second 5K race and my first. It went well. I will defenitly do this again and hopefully do much better and be in much better shape.

Before the race
During the race, running along Hunt Hwy

Jake after the race

Alisa after the race
Jake got ahead of me and couldn't find me so he kept on going. He finished #125 at 39:16. I think there were over 200 people running the 5K. I finished #155 at 45:04. I didn't run the whole thing, but I would say that I ran about 1/2 of it. I would run then walk, run then walk, etc.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cleaning/Working Day

Kyle, Jake's brother, came over last night with some of his kids so that he could help Jake change the oil pan gasket on the green Dodge. Jake loves having him come over, more for the company while working on the truck. Kyle wore a funny looking full body suit of sorts so that he wouldn't get oily and gross.

My cute grease monkey, he saves us soooo much money by doing work on the vehicles himself

Two of Kyle's kids, Kevin and Tori, and his nephew, Ji-ho, that's living with them were soooo happy to help me clean the vehicles. Can you see it in their faces??? Honestly, we had a fun time getting eachother wet and soapy. We cleaned their car, and two of our other vehicles.

Eating lunch

Kevin, my 10 year old nephew

Tori, my 13 year old niece

Ji-ho, their cousin

Jake taking a snooze after working on the truck

Hmmm, you think they're related

Shhhhh, she doesn't know I took this, the boys were laughing like crazy

Friday, February 6, 2009

Two Sisters - One Heart

These sweet little girls are in my ward. Emma and Taylor Bailey are conjoined twins. They share one heart and liver and are trying to get them separated in the very near future. On Valentine's Day they are holding a fundraiser event for everyone.

It is on Valentine's Day, Saturday February 14th, 2009
Walker Butte Elementary in Johnson Ranch
Queen Creek, Arizona
8 am - 2pm

3K, 5K & 10K Walk/Runs
Followed by post run celebration with food, activities & fun!

$4 Denny's Pancake Breakfast
Silent Auction
$3 Wrist Bands
Bouncy Houses
Rock Wall
Crafts & Activities
Vendor Booths
Music & Entertainment
Raffle Drawing for AWESOME Prizes!
Silent Auction
Several FREE Crafts & Activities
Food: El Rico's, Paradise Bakery, Cold Stone Creamery, Jamba Juice,Concession Stand and More!!!

Please come and help support this amazing family!! Jake and I signed up to do the 5K. My first event. I won't be able to run the whole thing, but will do a little running and mostly walking. Check out their website for registration information and more. Hope to see you their.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Super Bowl

Some friends of ours, Geoff and Jamie, invited us over to watch the Super Bowl game. It was a lot of fun, even though our beloved home team, The Cardinals, lost. It was still a great game. Here's some fun pics.

Jake and I

The sweet TV

Jamie and her cutie pie girl, Lucy

some of the gang